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Facebook’s New headquarters contains a huge 9-Acre Garden on the Roof

At the point when Facebook approached extremely popular Canadian-American planner Frank Gehry to plan their new home office in Menlo Park, California, they requested a straightforward building without a substantial outline. Keeping in mind the building may look really customary from down underneath, 70-feet up on the rooftop is something light on nature and the spirits: a colossal 9-section of land greenhouse.

The building, called MPK 20, is finished by a parkland with verdant green fields of grass, more than 400 trees, and a considerable measure of trails. "It's a half mile circle," says Lori Goler, head of HR and enrolling. "It offers space to think."

Like any new garden, the plants here have yet to round out. At the same time in impending years we can hope to see a lavish green environment sitting on the 430,000 square foot open-arrangement building.

Start to finish, this spot is intended to empower joint effort and the free trade of thoughts. It seems like an impeccable fit for Silicon Valley.

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