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COBIAX Technology Allows To Construct Substantially Flexible, Economical And Sustainable Roofs

Cobiax is a latest roof that is executed for structural concrete slab on the roof of their shared but dissimilar who went on to commence the new roof beyond benefits and methods.

The General Concept:
Cobiax technology is a concept on the basis of the design of the roof structure with the "2-way ceiling slab" of concrete roof slab similar to conventional 2-way with the difference that a central concrete core in places where no functional structures with the hollow spheres is alternative. The balls are created with recycled polyethylene or polypropylene. As a result the balls are placed between the upper and lower steel mesh easily.
Given that the concrete slab shear force resistance is two-sided problem, a problem of this kind of roof on the exclusion of part of the middle and role performance concrete slab is 2-way. Cobiax technology to eliminate dead load bearing 2-axis biological property is maintained.

Also with the construction of membrane reinforced concrete slab in the upper and lower beams as well as the formation of internal network 2 along the placement of the balls across the central space fit for the slab bearing concrete slab can be envisaged.

Components of the system consist of:

Reasons behind Cobiax technology to include in the construction industry:
  • Industrialization
  • Ecological technology
  • Chances of establishment for manufacturing plants
  • With regard to the issue of architectural and structural flexibility
  • Technology and to vie cost-effectively with conventional systems
  • No noteworthy investment required to build factories of raw materials
  • No need for a skilled workforce and take advantage of available forces
  • Lack of dependence on overseas compatibility issues and building national regulations of the country

Advantages of Cobiax system architecture:
  • Console can run up to 7 m
  • The various user acceptance
  • Ease of use changes both the horizontal and vertical
  • Ability to create any kind of shape and size pop-up roof
  • Elasticity in architectural plan
  • Enhance the useful space (scripting span up to 18 meters without the column)

Economic benefits of Cobiax system:
  • Concrete consumption
  • Reducing construction time
  • Steel consumption
  • Reducing structural elements
  • Reduce the overall height of the structure optimization ceiling height
  • Reducing the cost of implementation of the facility (remove beams and problems caused by the suspension beams)
Five special benefits of Cobiax:
  • Bearing biaxial
  • Lessen construction time
  • The prospect of alternation
  • No long-span beams
  • Construction style, columns less, high resistance to earthquakes
cobiax slab design
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