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Different Type of Design Considerations Crucial for Structural Repair

The structure that derived from the renovated structure of the same possibly delivers similar safety. The renewed construction is brought to current building code standards. The design codes just provide direction of usage. The engineer having the knowledge of material behavior should apply fundamental principles of structural mechanics to assess and design both structural repair and strengthening method. Some of essential considerations for the design of repairs are mentioned below:

Compatibility of materials:
The effects of thermal alterations, vibrations, and long-term creep and shrinkage effects are increased due to differentiation in physical properties of the repair and the original components of construction. For this reason, either the repair material properties should similar as the original material or the structure is required to be designed for the extra movements.
Material behavior traits:
Occasionally there is some difference between the properties of repair material and the original material. The damaged steel reinforcement may be substituted by carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) which will be applied to the outer bottom face of the beam. Not only FRP is sturdier than steel, but more resilient and fragile also. The provisions of reinforced concrete design codes are not appropriate for the renovated division. The repair is executed considering the properties of these materials to supply at least a corresponding level of safety to the original design.
Creep, shrinkage, or both:
High creep or shrinkage of repair materials may cause damage of the repair stiffness; reorganized forces and increased deformations in comparison with original construction.

When the placed repair material is in a plastic state or until adequate strength has been developed, vibration of a structure during repair of other parts can result in reduced bonding of the repair material.
Water and vapor migration:
Water or vapor relocation through a concrete structure can cause repair degradation and its control is crucial for successful repair.

Construction safety:
Though the contractor is mostly liable for construction safety but when the need of major safety measures such as the need and extent of shoring and bracing arises the engineer’s decision proved to be handier.

For more detailed demonstration regarding structure repairs download the presentation provided below.
Design Considerations Crucial for Structural Repair
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