Differences Between Steel Truss And Wooden Truss

In structural engineering, truss is an indispensible component which helps to build quality structure. There are different kinds of trusses available. Among them here in this article we highlight the basic differences between Steel Truss and wooden truss.

The differences are as follows:

  • Steel truss is more powerful with respect to wooden truss. On the other hand, wooden truss is less powerful than steel truss.
  • Steel truss can be constructed in any form while wooden truss cannot be built in all possible shapes.
  • Steel truss is lighter in weight but wooden truss is heavier.
  • Steel truss has better fire resistance capacity while wooden is not so fire resistant.
  • Steel truss is not affected by termites at all, on the contrary, wooden truss can easily be affected by termites.
  • Steel truss can be of use boundlessly (in any length) but wooden truss is limited up to just 15 meter length.
  • Different steel truss members’ movement is easy but in case of wooden truss movement is not easy.
  • Steel truss processing is not so time-consuming while wooden truss is more wastage of time.
  • Steel truss is less wastage and wooden truss is more wastage.

Differences Between Steel Truss And Wooden Truss
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