Download Estimates In Building Construction Sample Spreadsheet

Estimation is the only way to determine the expected construction cost of a construction project. Counting on the purpose of estimation, estimating can be performed in numerous phases during the project.

Estimates generally consist of everything that is necessary to complete a project along with contractor’s profit. Complete set of drawing and instruction manual of the project are essential for an estimator to perform this sort of estimate. This estimate not only contains necessary components, labor, project completion time, detailed cost analysis and overhead but contractor profit also. Insurance, bond, equipment and other required things are also included in it.

This type of estimating should be shouldered by an experienced estimator as complete project budget, time duration and contractor profit counts on the visualization of that estimator.

After calculating total building area and then multiplying the area by predefined unit cost; an estimate is composed. Ultimately the cost is rectified by pondering building measurements and other required building materials.

Download Building Construction Sample Spreadsheet

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