How To Determine Conflicts Virtually Through Cloud Based BIM 360 Glue

Siddharth Kothari, a talented construction management apprentice, has come up with a remarkable presentation through youtube which elucidates how to apply BIM 360 Glue to steer clear of probable conflicts in the midst of numerous trades on a construction site in the pre-construction period as well as repel from RFIs and change orders all through the construction.
This communal succession can enlarge project execution and it is non time-consuming practice and save money by reducing rework, requests for information and so on.
You will find the following topics in the presentation:
  • Starting a project and engaging collaborators in Glue.
  • Inserting models.
  • Merging models.
  • Making views and markups.
  • Carrying out Clash detection.
  • Resolve the clashes and errors.
  • Evaluating the changes.

Here's the complete presentation:

How to determine conflicts virtually through cloud based BIM 360 Glue

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