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Subscribe And Download Retaining Wall Design Spreadsheet For Civil Engineering

Retaining wall relates to a formation planned and forged to defy the lateral pressure of soil when there is a desired modification takes place in ground elevation that goes beyond the soil's angle of repose.

Retaining Wall Categories:
There are various kinds of retaining wall such as Gravity, Cantilivered, Sheet Piling, Bored Pile, Anchored.
Alternative retaining systems:
As a substitute there are also some techniques available like Soil nailing, Soil-strengthened, Gabion meshes, Mechanical stabilization, etc.
The active pressure improves the retaining wall in balanced ratios from zero at the upper grade level to a highest rate at the lowest profundity of the wall. With the aim of become functional, retaining walls should be reinforced accurately.
Civil Engineering Retaining Wall Design Spreadsheet is a very handy tool to design a retaining wall following some trouble-free course of action. The spreadsheet contains tabs to work out stability, moment and shear, reinforcement and so forth.
A good quality retaining wall design spreadsheet comes with simple interface & various options that can simplify the design process for retaining wall to a degree.
Do not forget to subscribe ExcelCalcs to download this spreadsheet. The download link is provided below.
This is an animation video on the sequential construction levels of the earth retaining wall structure.

Retaining Wall Design Sheet
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